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In this 20 minute yoga sequence, we will practice a series of hip openers help to improve mobility and relieve tension in the hips and back.

We experience emotions in different areas of our bodies. This 15 minute heart opening yoga sequence targets the shoulders, chest and spine to release stored up tension due to stress and sadness. This sequence is also beneficial for people who have stored up tension from sitting at a desk throughout the day.

Get strong! This 20 minute power yoga sequence will help strengthen and tone your legs, core and upper body. This is a challenging workout, not suited for complete yoga beginners.

Try this yoga sequence to open up the hips, relieve tension in the back and improve balance! Best for seasoned beginners and intermediate level yogis.

Seize the day! Practice this short heat-building sequence first thing in the morning to jump start your day or during the afternoon when you need an energy boost.This sequence is good for seasoned beginners (already know names of poses) to intermediate level.

Rest easy! This 15-minute yoga sequence is made up of floor poses and gentle stretches to help you relax and prepare for sleep. This sequence is also good to practice when you’re feeling worn down but in need of a good stretch.